Developed to have great paddling performance,


The Truta model is a sit on top single paddler / angler kayak. It is designed for fishing and recreation and suitable for trips and short expeditions in lakes, sea and flat water rivers.

Truta is a complete model and good value. It is a model developed to have great paddling performance, with great stability and improved tracking. It comes equipped with adjustable PE backrest, central object holder with lid, paddle holder, side handles and 4
supports* for various accessories, such as go pro camera, parasol, signal flag, safety LED, etc.
* do not come with support rods or fasteners for these accessories.

The Truta is a sit on top kayak with a load capacity of 264 lbs, it is 9´2´´ ft (280 cm) long and 29´´ (75 cm) wide, which provides great stability and performance in the water. It only weighs 44 lbs and is very practical to carry and transport in the car rack.

Main features:

– Great paddling performance. Great stability. Safe, it does not sink, as it has a watertight hull. Improved tracking.
– Comfortable. It has a rigid back in PE with adjustment.
– Impact resistant, made of high-performance polyethylene with anti- UV additives.
– Self-draining, holes drain water that enters the deck. It has handles on the side and ends.
– Large luggage compartment 60cm x 40cm.

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