About caiaker

Company’s history

CAIAKER was born more than 15 years ago at the initiative of Ennio Henrique Robba, a naval engineer graduated by USP (one of the best Brazilian universities), a paddler and great promoter of canoeing and former director of the Brazilian canoeing confederation. His objective was to introduce kayaks made of polyethylene plastic in the Brazilian market, already widely sold abroad. 

In Brazil, at that moment, only fiberglass kayaks were manufactured and they are much more fragile and less durable than those made of plastic. Plastic kayaks needed to be imported and were extremely expensive and inaccessible to the
general public.

Caiaker’s first model, was called “Alligator” (a white waters model), it began to popularize Caiaker’s trade and kayaks models, and shortly thereafter was released the second and greatest success, the “Penguin” model (Single, sit on top, safe and
easy to use kayak).

This model redefined what the market understood regarding plastic kayaks and soon became the best seller in Brazil. After that Caiaker started to launch new models annually creating the largest line of kayaks models in Brazil.

Know Caiaker

In addition to the innovation on the kayaks production process, Caiaker’s success was due to the concept of leisure kayak: easy to paddle, safe and stable, it popularizing these sports practice for anyone, not just for sportsmen. So every year, more Caiaker’s models have become more common and well-known in hotels, resorts and in Brazilian beaches, lakes and rivers in general.

Besides being a pioneer, Caiaker is currently the largest manufacturer of polyethylene kayaks in Brazil. The Caiakers models also sail in Spanish, Argentine, Uruguayan and Portuguese waters. We are a 100% Brazilian company that is also success fully abroad.

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