New Foca

Redesigned, updated and with an improved performance


The NEW FOCA model is a sit on top, 2 paddlers kayak. It is design for leisure and suitable also for fishing, expeditions and trips in the sea, lakes and flat water rivers.

CAIAKER NEW FOCA is an evolution of Brazil’s best-selling tandem kayak, Caiaker Foca, which had been on the market for over ten years.

Redesigned, updated and with an improved performance it is fitted with upgrades over its predecessor which was a sales success.

The NEW FOCA is a sit on top tandem kayak, 12’5’’ ft (3.80 m) in length and 2’70’ ft (0.82 m) wide. It weights 75 pounds (34 kg) and has a load capacity of 441 pounds (200 kg). It is produced with high performance polyethylene and is extremely resistant to impacts. Its main features are: good stability, good load capacity, easiness to paddle and safety, due to its watertight hull.

The model is already fitted as standard with 2 adjustable polyethylene backrests, 4 open objects compartments, EVA seats, non slip decks, 2 paddle holders and a luggage rack.

CAIAKER NEW FOCA allows also using the revolutionary CAIAKER adjustable pedal system (sold apart) which already outfits the highlighted single  CAIAKER Marlin model. The NEW FOCA model allows using 2 pedal systems simultaneously or, with a bracket specifically designed, it is even possible to use a 30-pound electric engine (not provided).

When using the CAIAKER pedal system is strongly recommend installing the raised fabric seats that ensures the more comfortable and ergonomic position to pedal. (see Marlim’s or Mero’s info on site).

It is a kayak that offers plenty options for those looking for leisure or fishing.

Main features:

– Easy to Paddle. Good stability.
– Sure Safe. Leak proof, one piece construction.
– Resistant, manufactured in high performance polyethylene with anti UV. These additives in the raw material increase the mechanical resistance and prevent bleaching.
– Self draining, holes drain in case of deck flooding
– Comfortable, allows you to rest or fish. Fitted with 2 polyethylene backrests that increase low back support.
– Accessories: 2 hard backrests, 4 open objects compartments, 2 paddle holders, luggage rack, non slip decks and EVA seats.

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