Made of high performance polyethylene, extremely impact resistant.


Detail of bow compartment with inspection cover for hull access;

Detail of the stern wheels;

Detail of the pro Confort chair with rails and bag for objects;

Detail portable sonar box system (sonar not included);

Hinged rod holder included;

Smart Pedal (not included)

Individual sit-on-top fishing kayak.

The DOURADO model has its own place for the installation of the revolutionary adjustable pedal (Cayaker Smart Pedal) or also an electric motor (support not included) in the center. Furthermore, the DOURADO has stern metal inserts for installing an outboard motor support. (support not included, installation at the customer’s expense).

It is a kayak with numerous options for those looking for high performance fishing.

Main features:

– The only kayak in Brazil with wheels attached to the hull. Easy and practical handling.
– Exclusive portable sonar box system that allows high performance fishing.
– Pro Comfort chair with adjustable rail and storage bag for total comfort.
– Large bow compartment with internal inspection cover for hull access.
– Numerous compartments with and without lids and fishing box holders.
– Several rod holders, both for fishing and for safe transport.
– Stern metal inserts, suitable for engine support.

Dimensions: 3.64m long x 0.85m wide x 0.28m high – Weight: 42 kg.

REAL load capacity 260 kg.

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